Saturday, March 5, 2011

May 21st, 2011: Doomsday?

Lets face it. We all love a good doomsday scenario. I personally have spent hours and hours watching guests on the History Channel lay out how and when the world may or may end. It can be VERY addicting and thought provoking, mostly because they are at least half correct! Someday, something big will happen. An asteroid impact, a solar flare, a gamma ray burst, earthquakes or a superbug. Or maybe even something man made like a nuclear holocaust. The possiblities are endless, and it REALLY COULD happen at anytime and if you are to believe a California based independent Christian ministry called Family Radio Worldwide Worldwide and their leader Harold Camping, it may be this year! According to their website, the Rapture (an event spoke of in the Bible in which God calls his believers to heaven) will occur on May 21st 2011. Those that are left behind will then go through a period of torment (tribulation) which will climax in October when the world will then come to an end. This group is all over the media. They are on radio shows, decaling their vehicles and even advertising on huge billboards! These folks are serious. As you will learn, I am not here to persuade in either direction, only to present evidence. I personally DO NOT believe in there teaching. I cannot put put much stock in any teaching that provides a specific date for the end because this contradicts with biblical teaching, which in my mind trumps all else. The reality of this story is that there is a growing sentiment that the world is about to go through some kind of major event or change that will effect us all. Them "when" part, I am afraid we will not figure out intil it is too late.

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