Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Russian air traffic control claims to have spoken to an Alien

A story published earlier this month claims that Russian air traffic control actually communicated with an alien which spoke in a "female cat like voice". This incident occurred while the controllers were observing a radar signature which could not be identified. the craft was flying over the Russian diamond capitol of Yakutsk in Siberia at a height of 64, 895 feet and reached speeds of just over 6,000 MPH. As you can see in the footage, radar designated the object as "0000" because it did not have a flight number. The one extremely disappointing bit of news is that the actual alien voice was not recorded. All you hear are the controllers and the pilots of nearby air craft discussing the event. This could have been irrefutable proof of alien contact. Instead we are left with another 'incomplete' encounter, though these pilot/air traffic control encounters are always interesting and thought provoking because these are professionals who should be able to tell the difference between a natural phenomenon and a real 'close encounter'. In that since, these encounters are much more reputable than your everyday "I saw a light in the sky" story.

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